All holobuildings cost 0.02 E$

Easy to place on your properties

All our holobuildings are optimized to use the maximum number of vertices corresponding to the properties. It is very easy to place our holobuildings on your properties. You don't need to check the maximum number of vertices for all your properties under 375 tiles (properties having 20 vertices per tiles).

Low volume Holobuildings

Our holobuildings have been built with low volumes while having imposing exterior proportions. The reduced volumes of our holobuildings make it possible to have very attractive construction costs when you place them on your properties.

1293 / 4195 m3

951 / 2577 m3

427 / 1384 m3

189 / 450 m3

Latest Updates

5x5 Tiles - 904 m3

5x5 Tiles - 982 m3

5x5 Tiles - 3258 m3

4x4 Tiles - 2577 m3